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The Startup Weekend family is growing!  Newbies Adam Stelle and Maris McEdward have joined the rest of the Seattle-based crew to help increase Startup Weekend’s scope and scale.  We’ve set some pretty big goals for ourselves for next year that we’ll all be working on together to achieve.

Adam joins the team as the Operations Manager. He’ll be working with local organizers and regional facilitators to organize new and recurring SW events throughout the four corners of the globe – in short, pursuing Startup Weekend’s agenda of global domination!  A Seattle local, Adam was born in Washington, DC, has lived in Italy and, most recently, South Africa. He speaks English, Italian, and un peu de français.

Maris is our new Director of Marketing and Communications.  She’ll be focusing on telling the Startup Weekend story and opening up two-way communication between HQ and past attendees.  We all know that Startup Weekend is doing some pretty amazing things; she’ll be letting the rest of the world in on the secret too.  Maris joined the team after relocating to Seattle from Florida so don’t be surprised if she pops up at Startup Weekend events anywhere it’s sunny and warm.

Adam and Maris can’t wait to dive in and are looking forward to meeting Startup Weekend’s hundreds of attendees, alums, mentors, and fans from all over the world.