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Situated between the distinguished Alborz Mountains and the central desert, Iran’s capital city of Tehran hosts over 14 million people – and a hotbed of entrepreneurial potential.  Startup Weekend Tehran brought entrepreneurs from all over the country together for the first time to pitch ideas, form teams, and launch companies.  Mohsen Malayeri, one of the nine judges at the event, says, “ This was the first event to empower the startup community in the whole country […] I believe that we just started to change the ecosystem of startups in Iran.” The event hosted over 120 attendees, 70 of which pitched ideas on opening night.  Over the course of the weekend, 12 large teams worked around the clock.

Although every member of the ‘Boice’ team is from a different city around Iran, everyone came together for 54 hours to form the winning team at Iran’s first Startup Weekend event. “Every team member shares a passion for excellence.  It’s this passion that inspires us,” says  Pooya Khaloo, iOS developer for Boice.

Khaloo explains how Boice went from concept to creation:

“On the first day, after pitches, we got acquainted and teamed up…we realized that a voice recorder with special abilities is needed for mobile devices. We believed in the idea and we worked hard with a lot of passion as  a team. We were working on the idea with some new features from the first night. The next day we immediately started to improve it. We sketched and our UI designers, application developers and front end designers started to work on it immediately. We were working on the iOS and Android version simultaneously. After another day, restlessly, we continued to work on Boice special feature till the next morning. Our mentors, especially Mr.Shahin Katebi, helped us a lot on developing the application features.”

Currently, the Boice team is still working on their product and building off of customer feedback and reviews. “Some of team members  kept up working the next month on both Android and iOS platforms. At first we released our app in Appstore very fast in order to protect the idea and the name from being copied. We are very happy to have had the chance to participate in Startup Weekend and end up a great team with a final product,” says Khaloo. “Startup Weekend was a rare opportunity in our country for us to get our minds together and build a product…something that we’ve never done before in 54 hours.”

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