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Congratulations to Mindle, the winning team from Sao Paulo, Brazil, for their complete domination in Global Startup Battle: Week 2! After tabulating over 1,500 votes for the eight GSB: Week 2 contenders, Mindle emerged victorious by a solid margin.

Mindle is a highly profitable e-learning platform that aims to change the education system in Brazil (and beyond!) by connecting students, who need information, and teachers, who have information, in one simple platform. Students are able to access the information and courses they need using a platform based on social network-type information sharing. Teachers are able to reach out to a larger audience as well as niche audiences who desire more specialized types of courses. Mindle also offers live, on-demand, and crowd-sourced lectures.

To learn more about Mindle follow them on twitter @mundomindlle or visit mindle.com.br.