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International Startup Festival In Brief:
Date: July 13-15, 2011
Location: Gare Maritime Iberville (Old Montreal)
Projected participants: 700
Site located at: http://www.startupfestival.com
Twitter: @startupfest

The International Startup Festival is a three-day conference on the business of startups (July 13-15). It brings together industry veterans and fresh faces, thought leaders and technology giants from around the world, for a series of lean, fast-paced events. Startup Festival will be a showcase for new companies from around the world to pitch and demo the latest innovations, while experienced entrepreneurs deliver rich content on subjects that span the entire startup lifecycle: early-stage innovation; growing the business; and exiting with success.

Held in Montreal, it’s a dynamic event of networking, learning, new ideas, and after-hours fun with a global vibe. This year, Startup Festival is running in parallel with multiple Festivals in and around Montreal: the Just For Laughs Festival, Cirque du Soleil’s Complement Cirque, The International Fireworks Festival, and the Fantasia Film Festival.  There will be galas, entrepreneurial improv, and a splash of the unexpected. Who says startups are “all work and no play”?

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