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NO! You do not need a business idea to participate in Startup Weekend! Although the idea-makers are very important, they need people to help them turn their ideas into reality. We are looking for designers, programmers, business-oriented students, and really anyone that would bring charisma and dedication to the table.

If you do have a business idea and are planning to craft a 60-second pitch on the first night of the weekend, here’s some advice for you:

  • 5-10 Seconds: Introduce yourself and explain why you are qualified to speak about your idea
  • 10-20 Seconds: Name the problem that this idea could solve, as well as who is affected by that problem
  • 10-20 Seconds: Explain how you are going to solve that problem, and why your idea is better than existing alternatives
  • 5-10 Seconds: Explain who you are looking for on your team

Make sure to appear approachable when you are pitching. If you would like to guarantee team members, you need to make sure to keep the audience interested and show that you are friendly. Also, make sure to keep your solution simple, both to ensure that potential team members understand your idea, as well as to make things easier to move forward over the course of the weekend. Now get cracking, there’s just a few weeks left until #SWMU2016!

Mary Dieglio