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The two met at a StartupWeekend event in Oslo a while ago. They had never met before and even though they lived in the same city and spoke the same language they could not understand each other in the beginning.
The nerds vocabulary contained words that the beekeeper had never heard before. He talked about sensors, cloud services, machine learning, big data and kept mixing in all kinds of three letter combinations like IoT, API,

The beekeeper talked about his passion for bees and how vital these small creatures are for the flowers, trees and the environment in the city. That the honey bees from the city are said to be healthier and more productive than their country cousins.

The beekeeper had a friend that run a local eco shop. If the beekeeper could manage to produce enough honey it would be no problem selling it at a premium price.

He also talked about the growing interest in Urban beekeeping. Beekeeping in London has become increasingly popular. The number of beekeepers rose 220% between 1999 and 2012 with other figures showing a 200% increase between 2008 and 2013. And the same thing is happening in all cities around the world.

But it was a slow process to train the new beekeepers so that their bees produce the quality honey.


The nerd and the beekeeper has not met – YET

This is what they could have created if they meet



Please help them meet each other by sharing the story. We all benefit if they meet at StartupWeekend SmartCity & IoT @ 14 – 16 October.

StartupWeekend SmartCity & IoT Oslo

At StartupWeekend we bring startups, municipality, corporations, researchers, enthusiasts and citizens together to solve urban challenges.


Having entrepreneurial skills are now one of the most valued skills on the planet. And the opportunity has never been bigger for entrepreneurs. The smart city movement is catching momentum also in Norway: The challenges are clear to big and small; from the UN to the EU, from Innovation Norway to start-up hubs, from politicians, administrators to businesses. Technologically we are ready, almost any city service can be improved with a combination of currently available technology.

Oslo is Europe’s fastest growing city. Already 80% of norwegians live in cities and urbanisation is accelerating.

The fight against climate change will either be won or lost in cities, so it’s crucial to make our urban habitats more efficient, cleaner, and better to live in.

The look and feel of cities in the future must and will be different from today: buildings will become smart, consumers become prosumers, travel will become effortless, and cities will be responsive.

We cannot throw oil money at the problems. Norway’s main income, the oil, has plummeted and the golden years are behind us.

You can play a leading role in contributing to designing, building, and maintaining our cities of the future.

At StartupWeekend you will learn the skills of entrepreneurship. And you will be welcomed by a community of innovators that think changing the world is as normal as getting out of bed.

SO get your tickets

All the knowledge and technology is there. They just need to meet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_beekeeping

The story is made up from the SmartCity project https://www.fiware.org/success_stories/hostabee

Terje Christensen