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The story of Journey is not your typical startup story, but then again, Startup Weekend isn’t your typical startup experience. Startup Weekend is unique in that it separates the “talkers” from the “walkers,” it brings together a unique group of individuals, from almost every background and skill set, to share in an experience. It’s a unique experience that brings together individuals so committed to creating something that they are willing to spend three days, usually their weekend or time off, often with little to no sleep, to make a vision a reality, with complete strangers. If you’ve never been to a Startup Weekend, then well, you just won’t understand the energy until you do.

Enter Journey. Journey was created around the belief in the power of shared experiences to create meaningful, lasting connections between people. Journey Founders Alex and Tao believe they made such great cofounders because they didn’t just have an “interest” in startups and technology, they had that shared passion for startups which materialized in both of them doing whatever it took to make it to the Startup weekend where they met. They both travelled to Los Angeles for LA Startup Weekend from other parts of the country because of their shared passion for startups and commitment to create something. Though the idea they worked on at Startup Weekend LA never materialized, they kept in touch and eventually reconnected again across the country at 9,000ft in Telluride, Colorado at the Telluride Venture Accelerator (www.tellurideva.com). They also fundamentally understood each other because they’d both had the shared experiences of going to college in the Washington D.C. area, as well as spending time in both Hong Kong, China and the Rocky Mountains.

Journey is launching now, and just like Startup Weekend, the company believes in the power of shared experiences, it’s one of the reasons we do what we do. Journey can help you connect with other people that have experienced Startup Weekend and continue to interact with SW alumni. You never know, maybe you didn’t get to launch your dream company at a Startup Weekend, or maybe you didn’t meet that perfect cofounder, but now you can connect with the entire SW alumni network to continue that search, and connect around that shared experience of attending SW (and potentially other shared experiences!).

Journey is about far more than just connecting around Startup Weekend. Journey can connect around all kinds of shared experiences. Right now they primarily work off photos and locations you’ve entered into the app, or had in your Instagram or Facebook. So if you’re in Seattle, you could connect with other people that have say been to San Francisco. Or perhaps you’re new to New York and you’d like to find other people that ski in Colorado. Be sure to check out the full demo of the app here Experience Journey – Connect via Shared Experiences and feel free to contact the company directly if you have any questions or issues getting set up. You can follow them on Instagram and can stay tuned for updates on Facebook.

Journey has given Startup Weekend exclusive access to download the app early (sorry, only iOS at the moment) here, but you can also sign up to be notified when they release the Android version here.

Learn more about Journey!

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