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The White House released a proclamation today declaring that November is National Entrepreneurship Month.  President Obama’s proclamation includes details about how the US Government intends to promote entrepreneurship around the world, and discusses the UP Global impact specifically:

To promote entrepreneurship throughout the world, I have called on the international community to increase transparency and accountability while rooting out corruption, and in 2010, my Administration organized the first annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit. During this year’s summit, the State Department announced its partnership to help double the impact of UP Global — an organization dedicated to providing entrepreneurs at home and abroad with the resources, skills, and connections to thrive. Finally, we will soon announce the inaugural members of the President’s Committee on Global Entrepreneurship, a group of some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs who will commit to mentoring the next generation.

Global Entrepreneurship Week falls during the month of November, along with our annual Global Startup Battle.  You can read the full announcement here.

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