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Toronto Startup Weekend alum Task Ave. is a featured startup in the latest issue of NOW Magazine (Vol 30 NO 20, January 13-20, 2011).  The Task Ave. team members are praised for their rapid iteration and nimble execution in building a simple yet insightful application.

Maintaining momentum following the insanity of a Startup Weekend is hard, especially when you’re low on sleep and need to jump right back into the 9-to-5 daily grind.  By ignoring some of the finer points that needed fleshing out and keeping their eyes on the goal of finishing the app and submitting it to the Apple AppStore, the Task Ave. team was able to continue to work quickly and stay focused. As the NOW article states, from initial pitch to acceptance in the AppStore took a mere 120 (hectic) days.

Task Ave. is a location-aware to-do-list that not only reminds you of the errands you need to run, but also informs you when you are near stores you want to shop at.  With Task Ave. gone are the days of remembering the milk and eggs only to forget to pick up the dry cleaning two blocks away.  Be sure to visit their website and watch their video and read the full NOW Magazine article.