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by Erika Allison

That was the story of my life until the first Startup Weekend came to Maine in 2013.  In that single 54-hour weekend, I worked with a group of people I’d never met to take an idea from concept to reality.  I learned about pitching, forming teams, marketing, finances, legal considerations, prototyping, testing, iterating, pivoting, and other steps that go into launching a business venture.  I learned by experiencing them first-hand rather than sitting through a lecture or reading a book. It’s time to bring Startup Weekend to Bangor!  We have the people, the infrastructure, and the energy!  A team of volunteers from the greater Bangor community is organizing the event.  Two of the organizers, Gerry Hall and myself, attended the first Startup Weekend Portland in 2013 and are excited to help bring one to our region.  The first Startup Weekend Bangor is scheduled for…  Read More


Jennifer Hooper