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Startup Weekend OKC is right around the corner.  We have an amazing group of Mentors to help our teams take their ideas to the next level.  We also have a great group of Sponsors that are so excited to see what comes out of OKC in the first weekend of March.

For a rundown of what a typical weekend looks like you can click here.

What is included in your registration?  You get 7 meals, access to great tools, and all the networking & team building you can stand over 54 hours.

If you have a conflicting event that weekend still consider coming to Startup Weekend.  You will be working with your team all weekend so if something comes up and you need to leave for a while that is not a problem at all.  We know birthday parties, basketball games, church, marathon training and backing up your hard drive are all things that are important as well.   So don’t feel like you can’t be a part of Startup Weekend just becuase you have a conflict or two.

If you have any other questions hit the “contact us” button  and email or give us a call.  Click here to register for the event and to learn more details.