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Guest post by Mikael Choof ooomf,

My co-founder and I attended our first Startup Weekend event this past February in Montreal. We were part of the winning team and noticed there were so many cool projects being built, especially mobile apps.

So, we thought it would have been awesome to be able to get a beautifully designed website up in a couple of minutes to help showcase and drive interest for these apps.

Inspiration From Startup Weekend

This was the inspiration for our company, ooomf. We tried to make it as simple as possible for app developers to create a beautiful website and we launched in April 2012. Since then, we’ve partnered with every Startup Weekend event that we could find to help give app developers that extra push and drive their projects forward even after the weekend was over.

But, we knew there was so much more we could do to help app developers succeed. Over 36,000 apps are submitted to the Apple and Android app stores every single week. This means, its a competition for attention.

Help Apps And App Makers Be Discovered

We’re expanding ooomf to get in front of this problem, to completely reinvent how apps and app makers are explored today. Today we’re launching ooomf Explore, which gives app developers the ability to engage with their following and help their app be discovered. App makers can showcase their app at any point, whether it’s just an idea, a prototype, or is already in an App Store.

Our big vision is to not only help give app developers an instant web presence with a website but reinvent how apps and app makers are explored today.

Our goal is to help level the playing field so that a small team building an app at Startup Weekend or in their garage, can compete with the elite of the mobile world.

Sign up for ooomf’s beta launch here: http://ooomf.com/index/signup
invite code: beta2012

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