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Update: Since publication, the TapCat team have been busily promoting SnakeRace–to fantastic results! SnakeRace just hit first place in Top Paid Apps in Norway, which has led to press coverage in both local and national outlets!

TapCat, a startup born out of an idea tossed around at Oslo Startup Weekend back in February, has just released a new game: SnakeRace! SnakeRace is based on a jazzed up version of the Snake concept. Moving out of the box, the Snake now hurtles ever upwards through worlds riddled with obstacles and treasure. The game comes with several worlds, all generated randomly at every round by unique track algorithms. Every world has associated Game Center leaderboards for highscores, and a fair selection of missions, some of which are also Game Center achievements.

During its first 48 hours in the Apple AppStore, SnakeRace rose to top 5 in paid apps in Norway, were is currently sitting above Tiny Wings, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and Angry Birds Rio (among other less internationally famous titles).  Talk about a win for word-of-mouth advertising!

To check out or download SnakeRace, click here.  To watch a demo of the game, click here.