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This article was originally published on the Women2.0 website by Farrah Moore.

The spirit of entrepreneureship echoed throughout the Hatchery offices at the third annual Startup Weekend hosted by Women 2.0.

Over 150 up-and-coming tech and biz stars gathered to pitch concepts, gain connections and develop projects aimed to alleviate fiscal or social problems.

65% of participants during the 54-hour challenge were female — and, not surprisingly, the gender domination influenced the traits of devised ideas. Teams such as Safe StepsPerfect Beauty and Carbon 38highlighted the positive effects of technology by and for women.

Safe Steps, headed by two women leaders, uses a mobile app to contact friends and family members if a person does not arrive to a destination within an estimated amount of time.

Perfect Beauty, a social network awarding “crowns” to top members, encourages all women to “tag” themselves beautiful.

The female fitness trio of Carbon 38  supports the busy working lady with their development of a “Zagat guide for fitness and health resorts”.

The dynamics of the award-winning teams sparked my interest. Companies like Words with Bears,Gusto, and Carbon 38 placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively at Women 2.0 Startup Weekend 2011. These teams had at least 50% gender representation in these teams, supporting the research that gender equality in the workspace breeds even better awesome ideas and execution.

To say everyone is a winner is cliche — but participants did take away something from Startup Weekend — whether an improved knowledge of lean startup development, practice with coding under tight deadlines, or a wallet stuffed with “cards for connections”.

And the startup challenge continues for many after the 54-hour timeframe. The spirit of entrepreneurship grew from Friday to Sunday evening with dialogue and development continuing after this sprint. To all the weekenders, rock on.