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Here is a rough guideline of how to spend your precious 60 seconds.

  • 5-10 seconds – Who are you (and what you bring to the idea)?
  • 10-20 seconds – What is the problem? Who is suffering from this problem?
  • 10-20 seconds – How do you intend to solve it? Why is it better than alternatives?
  • 5-10 seconds – Who do you need?

Give your idea a name so people can remember you and your idea when it comes time to voting and team formation.

Some other observations from the info session last night and from our experience in the past:

  • Be interesting and approachable. You want people to want to work with you all weekend long.
  • Be relatable and understandable. People are much more inclined to work on problems that they can identify with and understand. Tell a story if you can rather than listing a series of bullet points.
  • Propose a simple solution. You only have 54 hours after all. If it simple and understandable, it will be easier to execute over the weekend.
  • Prepare! No one wants to see you run out of time, and 60 seconds will come fast. More prepared pitches will get better support.

Obviously this isn’t a set of rules written in stone, but it’s intended to give you some guidelines and an idea on how to prepare. Make it your own, have fun, and put yourself out there.

See you soon!




Startup Weekend Liepaja

November 14th, 2014


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Davis Paipa