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The Proxomo team has been hard at work since Dallas Startup Weekend in November 2009.  At that event, Steven Thrasher, Daniel Knoodle, Melinda McCall, Chris Stewart, Rap Payne and Kevin Strawbridge came together around what they saw as a huge headache for developers.  Thrasher explains, “When building an apps developers are forced to integrate with multiple, ever changing and unrelated APIs.”  The solution the team created that weekend became Proxomo, a service that, as Thrasher explains it, “helps developers build apps faster by providing one API, one platform, and one service that ‘does it all’.  Proxomo makes the service connections, handles scaling, builds infrastructure, and coordinates third party service updates.”

Proxomo just launched their public beta a few days ago and are extremely excited to get user feedback.  Visit their website to get more information, watch their video, and experiment with a free test trial.