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UP Brasil started in the beginning of 2014 and since then has been playing a major role in the growth of Brazil’s entrepreneurial communities, also strengthening Brazil all around.

“We’ve evolved from 22 events in 18 cities in 2013 to 68 events in 43 cities. We expect to have 100 events in 60 cities in 2015.”

The first UP Regional Summit in Brazil has took place this June in Belo Horizonte and 69 people from 29 cities and 15 states participated in the event, including:

  • 50 Community Leaders
  • 7 Partners (Startup Farm, Estácio de Sá, Sebrae-PA, Sebrae-BA, Startup Brasil, Endeavor)
  • 5 Sponsors (Sebrae-MG, National Sebrae, IBMEC-MG, Sympla)
  • 2 Speakers (Yuri Gitahy and Felipe Matos)
  • 5 Core Team members
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UP Brasil Summit main goals were:

  • To unite community leaders from all around Brazil
  • To offer the opportunity to connect with community members from other cities around the country
  • To provide useful workshops and speeches for community leaders
  • To align and communicate the mission and programs of UP Brazil
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Our regional partner, Sebrae-MG  played an important role in discussions over startup community growth through two activities: Sebrae Panel and Sebrae Dinner.

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What were the main topics at the event?

  • Startup communities’ impact and creation
  • 5 ingredients to “Nurture a successful startup ecosystem”
  • How to develop and create new leaderships for your community
  • Sebrae Panel: How can Sebrae contribute to nurture the regional startup ecosystem
  • How to raise financial resources for your community
  • Facilitation psychology: To better understand the techniques and the science to create great experiences in events
  • How to build partnerships to develop your community
  • How to identify and to invite good mentors and judges to your event
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Interested in learning even more about the event? Check out the summit infographic:

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Looking for the Portuguese version? Read it here.


Andre Hotta