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Startup Weekend has been proven to be a Mecca of sorts where software developers and business consultants have flocked to in order to collaborate, build, and even start their life as an entrepreneur. There has however been one major missing ingredient. Creatives.

Creatives include Graphic designers, UX designers, Illustrators, even Print designers, Photographers, Videographers and all sorts of other creative people.

We know and have seen the magic and power of teams that have this dynamic three-part combo. What they build, how they work together, and how they present are what helps attendees get the most out of the Startup Weekend experience and dramatically increases their chances to moving beyond the weekend together.

All of us in the Startup Weekend community are excited to reach out and connect with thecreative community and truly provide the experience and environment that fosters creative growth, and ultimately, creative freedom.

If you’re a designer, now is your chance to buy a ticket and join Startup Weekend Øresund!

Paula Coslugeanu