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Just a few days before Startup Weekend Milan (October 2010), two business partners came together with an “intriguing and funny” idea for a website called Sdingo. The guys share a great work ethic, optimism for the future, motivation, and passion for the work they do. Filippo de Martinis and Adriano Garavaglia had the idea of creating an innovative way to “allow users to share clothing and accessories they just bought online.” Details such as price, brand, and store where bought are also tagged in the post. Sdingo is a tech savvy way to organize and share you latest fashion purchases!
Complimenting Talents
The Sdingo business duo used their strengths and weaknesses to compliment each others’ talents. One of their first big milestones was forming a great team. Martinis is the non-technical founder of Sdingo and Garavaglia is the technical founder of Sdingo who also serves as the UI designer. Since Startup Weekend Milan, these complimentary talents have allowed Martinis and Garavaglia to develop the alpha version of the Sdingo website and iPhone app.
The Future
While there’s no coincidence that Sdingo was founded in one the world’s largest fashion capitals, it’s taken a lot of hard work to see success. The biggest challenge Martinis and Garavaglia’s faced was their location. Statistically, Italy is the 44th most business efficient country compared to 50 other states . For these young entrepreneurs, creating and putting into effect a successful business is an amazing accomplishment. The next big step is to launch of their public beta version and to start gaining users.

For more information on Sdingo, check out their website at sdingo.com.