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We’re thrilled to announce Seattle Startup Weekend alumnus WhichBus is officially launched to the public and available for the use of King County bussers!  The service is available for any browser as well as phones and tablets on their website.

What is WhichBus?
WhichBus is a simple, beautiful way to navigate public transit in Seattle. What makes WhichBus special is that it combines both trip planning and real-time arrival information in just a few easy steps, all within one app. WhichBus started as a basic understanding: Riding the bus should be simple –but the team recognized that this is often not the case.  Public transit is challenging to navigate, especially if riders don’t know which bus to take and when it’s going to arrive.  The concept that riding experiences can be simplified is what brought the team together at the January 2012 Startup Weekend. WhichBus received the award for Best Design.  After Startup Weekend, the team continued to develop the app at the April 2012 Startup Weekend Government – where WhichBus received the award for “Best Overall Business.” This recognition landed the team a meeting with Seattle Mayor to discuss WhichBus, Seattle startups, and open government.  At the EvergreenApps.org contest in October 2012, WhichBus won three awards, including 2nd Place Overall, People’s Choice, and Best Multi-Jurisdictional App. 

The team says, “Since our first Startup Weekend, we’ve been hard at work building out the site and testing the user experience with more than 1,200 unique users testing the private beta in the last three months. As a result of the direct feedback from our beta users, we’ve made dozens of improvements are are happy to now be public for all to use.” 

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