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Rumgr: Sell Stuff Locally is a Startup Weekend Las Vegas company that helps people sell stuff in a snap using their smart phone.  We sat down with the Rumgr Team, Dylan Bathurst and Ray Morgan to ask them a few questions about starting up and having fun.


Startup Weekend:  Who came up with the idea for Rumgr?  Was it an idea (or pain point) that the you’d been toying with for a while or did inspiration strike while you were in the line waiting to pitch?

Dylan Bathurst: I thought of the idea when I was moving out my friends spare bedroom into my own place. I’d been living there for a while and had a lot of my extra stuff piled up in his garage. When I was packing things up to move I realized I had a lot of stuff I didn’t want anymore. Mostly because I didn’t want to pack it up and move it.

So I whipped out my iPhone and started taking pictures and posting them to twitter. I wasn’t looking to get top dollar for my stuff, but it was at least worth something. Being a software developer, I thought, “This process should be formalized”. I looked at some of the other options out there, Craigslist, E-Bay, etc. and realized that selling stuff online (especially through your phone), is painful. I didn’t want to have to fill out long descriptions, tag items, and think about a reasonable price for my stuff. I just wanted to get rid of it!

I worked at Zappos.com at that time (Ray and I recently resigned to work full time on Rumgr), so in my off-time I started tinkering with the idea and the code. Coincidentally, Startup Weekend Las Vegas was right around the corner, and after chatting with a friend at VegasJelly (a local tech enthusiast meet up) I decided to pitch the idea there. Amazingly enough, people really liked the Idea!

So I got a team together and we planned it and coded it out over the weekend. Since it was so well received at Startup Weekend, we decided to go for it and keep up the momentum. For the next two months we stayed up until the early morning hours finishing the app, and also developing the business.


Startup Weekend:  As a small team, every person’s perspective/skill set/input is invaluable.  How did you go about building a well-rounded team and what do you do to ensure that you evolve the company/concept while staying a well-oiled machine?

Dylan Bathurst: Coming from Zappos Ray, Alex, and I have seen the importance of a good company culture and culture fit for new employees. It was probably just luck, but it seems perfect that we’ve covered a lot of bases with our cofounding team. Ray is a rockstar when it comes to iOS development, Alex is amazing with our UX/design, and my skills with js/html/css have helped out as well.

Ray Morgan: On top of keeping a friendly work environment, which has been pretty easy as Dylan mentioned coming from Zappos, we also take the time to listen to each other’s ideas. While sometimes these ideas can make for a heated discussion when it come to the impacts it will have to the product, we always listen to each other and are willing to explore ideas. At the end of the day, we know that we are all on the same team with the same bigger goals in mind.


Startup Weekend: Being an entrepreneur can be pretty intense.  What do you guys do to make sure that you’re having fun and maintain a friendly work environment?

Dylan Bathurst: Being Zappos employees for so long, we’re definitely used to fun work environments. We’ve never really struggled to keep the office ours interesting. All the trips to In-n-out and the countless PBRs we’ve drank in the office probably helped out too.