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On September 26-28 of 2014, Startup Weekend Fredericksburg is hosting its third annual event. Whether you have an idea you want to work on, get some input on, or build a team around, or you want to help someone else build their idea, you’ll want be there.

Bill Blevins, co-founder of PlantsMap (which is the company that came in first place at the January 2014 Startup Weekend Fredericksburg event) learned the importance of having the right pitch on Friday night. It influenced his ability to get validation for having a great idea, and helped him recruit the perfect team.

“I gave the pitch about the idea – in 60-seconds – and ran out of time to make the ask for the type of people I felt were vital – frankly, programmers and coders. When I sat down at the table to meet the people who had signed up for PlantsMap, I found people with experience in advertising, legal, marketing, business development, social media, writing, customer service, contracts and web development. Every single person was really experienced in their field and I couldn’t have hand-picked a more well-rounded team.”

Bill shares more about his Startup Weekend experience in this video.

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Andrew Curtis