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Everybody loves a friendly competition and all of us here at Startup Weekend are no different! We have taken on the challenge of competing against Tech Cocktail to see who can recruit the most companies for Startup America. Before you read the rest of this post do yourself a favor and SIGN UP NOW to reap the benefits of all that registered startup firms can enjoy…and add a point to Startup Weekend’s total.

Startup America Partnership offers over $1.2 billion in unique offerings and services to young, high growth potential startups. It takes about 3 minutes to register and it is FREE to you so CLICK HERE to sign up.

With sponsors like American Express, Microsoft, Dell, and Intuit, Startup America offers a range of services and products to help YOUR young company grow. Once you are a member firm not only do you get access to partner offerings, pitch coaching and VC webinars, membership in a private LinkedIn group, but you will also be given PR and marketing opportunities to get your name out there.

This past week Startup America had a Super Bowl challenge with the winner receiving an all inclusive VIP package to attend the Super Bowl with Scott Case. Both their second and first runner-ups received blog coverage of their startup, highlighting their pitch videos. Twenty-five registered firms where randomly selected and submitted a one minute pitch video on why they should be the winner. And THIS week they are giving away another Super Bowl ticket to a local Indianapolis firm. Check it out here: http://www.startupamericapartnership.org/content/our-startup-founder-wants-go-super-bowl

This week Startup America pre-announced another member giveaway of two FREE tickets to this year’s, including one-on-one mentoring while at the event. Opportunities like this are few and far between so SIGN UP for your chance to get some of these awesome benefits.

Now that we’ve told you how awesome Startup America is it’s time for you to sign up to help us win! We refuse to let Tech Cocktail beat us and need your help to remain on top of the leaderboard. We want those bragging rights and to show up Tech Cocktail—they’ve got nothing on us! We are throwing down on Friday, January 27 and are in full competition mode until February 3. So remember, SIGN UP, and keep checking the leaderboard so you’re up-to-date on the stats. You’re going down Tech Cockatil!