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Startup Weekend Pensacola is happy to announce that Silver Bullet has joined as a sponsor! Silver Bullet makes several software components that are critical to the banking industry. You can find out more about the business on their website.

We asked Bryan Clark, Silver Bullet’s CEO, a few questions about his interest in Startup Weekend.

What got you interested in Startup Weekend?

I have been studying the startup process and starting businesses since I was a kid. An event like this is difficult to resist for a serial entrepreneur like me.

What kind of impact do you hope Startup Weekend will have on our community?

We need more young millionaires to tackle the challenges ahead. My hope is that Startup Weekend that will set our young people on a path to making a significant difference.

What do you hope to gain from your sponsorship?

I hope to get a free meal or two and meet future business partners.

Joshua Schwitzerlett