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Written by Lyuba Popova

We truly believe in our idea to create an awesome, entertaining and educating event, spreading the entrepreneurial spirit around the campus of the American University in Bulgaria. We also believe there are plenty of reasons you should attend the Startup Weekend at Blagoevgrad on 17-19 October 2014. However, as the time is one of the most expensive contemporary values, we won’t steal your precious minutes. We will just shortly list the top 6 reasons to spend a weekend with us.

StartUP Weekend Wellington, New Zealand.
StartUP Weekend Wellington, New Zealand.

As we live, so we learn

Startup Weekend is an effective and interactive form of education. You do not need to stay in ages-long and boring lecture sessions or to read dozens of outdated theories. Be creative, build your own strategies and test them on the go. With a whole weekend dedicated to new opportunities, you might work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or any other tech skill, or just explore something different from your typical routine.

It’s all about connections

Our event attracts educated enthusiasts, experts, creators, current or future entrepreneurs. Isn’t it the right place to build your network? Spending 54 hours working on your newly-established companies you will build long-lasting relationships and possibly walk away with both friends and business partners. Who knows, your ideas may find the co-founder you have so desirably needed.

Actually launch a startup company

According to the data collected from the official organizers, Over 36% of Startup Weekend startups are still going strong after 3 months. Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their team or startup after the weekend.

Get the swag and save money

Some of you may argue that Startup Weekend events are costly. Well, our event is not that expensive as we provide tickets with special discounts for current students. Moreover, you get cool colorful gadgets, three meals a day, little snacks and of course, the entrepreneurs’ obsession – almost unlimited amount of coffee. (Have you ever asked yourself how much caffeine your ideas might absorb?)

Get along with the big names

Local successful entrepreneurs and tech experts participate in Startup Weekend events as mentors and judges. Get some time with the startup leaders in your community, explore your opportunities and learn the game from the best players. After the event is over, you may walk away with a new job or why not an investor.

Join the family

Join over 45,000 Startup Weekend alumni, all having the haunting entrepreneurial mindset. We are a global community that courageously aims to change the world. Step outside of your comfort zone, because Startup Weekends are your perfect opportunity to explore yourself.


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