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Skills to succeed as an Entrepreneur!

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You may wonder what skills are needed to begin your entrepreneurship journey. The journey does not have to be difficult. In fact, setting on your entrepreneurship career may be one of the most fun thing to do. You will learn and discover the unexpected. Not to mention, you make new friends or find more business opportunities along the way. There’s a lot of ways to make yourself useful in a startup. Good news is that you don’t have to know everything. You simply need the right ones and a winning attitude. This list aims to help you to tune into the positive entrepreneurship mindset and become successful.

Ability to adapt and stay focused.

There are so many distracting factors that can hinder and slow you from achieving your goals. An entrepreneur must strive to overcome challenges and ensure that he is able to achieve the set vision. Some ideas and strategies may not work and you may resort to an alternative. That is completely fine because you will grow. Be resilient and don’t lose sight of your goal because the moment you snooze, you will lose.

Accepting failure and try again.

There will definitely be bumps along the way. You may be rejected by an investor or you may not launch your product upon schedule. Do not dwell on it. Take it as a lesson and see where you did wrong. Entrepreneurs should do their homework beforehand and gather the necessary knowledge and resources to enable better execution. There are numerous reliable tools that can help you be more efficient and productive. There are situations where a failure would seem impossible to bounce back. Fortunately that is all in your mind. You can always strive to persevere and hit hard the next time.

Always communicate and connect.

We would like to stress how important it is to communicate. Communicating involves listening and understanding your employees, mentors, clients, vendors, customers and investors. Follow up with them. Try to figure how your business can be of value to them and how your product can solve their problems. Connect with them and you may potentially open up more business opportunities. Take time to assess their feedbacks and ensure them that you’re there to help. On most occasions, they can also be the one helping you.

Develop leadership skills.

One of the beauty of starting up a business is to work together and become proactive. The ability to lead and motivate others to deliver is crucial otherwise, the business will be inefficient and end up wasting its resources. Learn how to delegate effectively and listen to your team mates. Ensure that you’re easily accessible and keep a positive energy. One of the misconception of leading is that there can only be one leader when in fact, all the team members are leaders of their own!

Continuously learning.

Entrepreneurs at one point will realise that they do not know everything. They will want to know how to do many things as well as getting to know the latest trends. It is important to allow oneself to be open to learning whether it be in business knowledge or learning a new programming language. Do not be afraid to set aside some time to read and try new things.

All of these skills can be learnt and there are vast skills that can be particularly useful in a Startup. Being an entrepreneur can be daunting , but do not let it discourage you. While there is no certain skill that can make you the best entrepreneur there is, there are skills that can help you succeed. If you’re thinking you’re lacking in any of these skills, don’t fret, we’re here to help! SIGN UP at Startup Weekend Brunei and let’s build those skills up! See you there! 🙂


Afiq Mohammed