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This year’s third place GSB startup is SmartWard,  a cross-platform, task-management app that improves communication and reduces human error in hospitals.

At this year’s London Startup Weekend, the SmartWard team sought out to improve the functionality and efficiency of hospitals around the world.  

“Globally, over the past 48 hours more than 1000 people have died from hospital errors. Currently, outstanding tasks are listed on “handover sheets” or post-it notes when a patient is moved from Accident and Emergency or from one ward to the other.

If these pieces of paper go missing or are not looked at promptly, this could lead to important tasks being delayed or missed. There is a need for a safe and effective way to handover important tasks in hospitals.” 

— smartwardapp.com

The team says that with SmartWard, patients won’t be forgotten.  The main features offered include:

  • Notification System integrated with Hospital Database
  • Innovative way to create, manage and assign tasks
  • Live information and updates
  • Easy access to patient details

The design of the service should increase doctor/patient time and interaction, reduce daily human error, reduce paperwork, prioritize urgent tasks, and enable new doctors to enlist the assistance of senior doctors and staff when needed.

Watch CEO and Founder Dr. Teo pitch SmartWard in their GSB video entry.

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