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Today was the second day of Startup Weekend Food Edition NYC. Not only did we have a phenomenal set of mentors to help guide each team in their iterations of design, business plan, and product idea, but we had our very own cooking show! Pentloft Studios brought Cajun in the city and cooked up homemade red beans and rice, southern style.

The teams that formed last night after an intense series of pitches from SW participants were in full throttle today. Here is a sneak peak into some of the teams that are hard at work building their product.

The Teams: What’s That?, Dynamic Food, Off The Menu, One Touch, Lunchees, Fork Meets Spoon, Brew Local, VegSpotter, One Menu, Mobile Oasis, Grandma’s Meatballs, Sage, Food Loop, Stamps, YourFood

Fork Meets Spoon

What’s That?


Brew Local

The teams have a wide range of product ideas: Visual dictionaries to expand peoples palates; service to provide affordable tailored meals for kids in schools; a food discovery app through pictures (swipe through photos to build food preferences); service that dynamically controls wholesale food prices based on expiration date and shelf time to improve revenue; personalization of food recommendations; ‘speed dial’ for menu items to make mobile app takeout easy.

Gary Reloj, co-founder of Swill, gave a few solid pieces of advice:
1. In the food space, beautiful content is important!
2. Choose a product that is either easily executable or that you can make money on early after launching.
3. Clearly identify the problem, describe the solution, and finally point out the opportunity you have to carry out this solution.

Up next? Teams are working hard to validate their products, build a business plan, create wireframes of their product, and in some cases begin product development itself. Tomorrow we will find out what the judges have to say. Best of luck to all!

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Ingrid Spielman