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What happens when you gather up over 150 of the awesome Startup Weekend ogranizers from all over the world and put them in a room together? SOSummit 2012 of course! We just got back from the second annual organizer’s event in Austin, TX and we had such a great time we had to write a little more about it. We’ve even got some pictures for you, so more motivation to come back next year or to get there next time if you didn’t this year.

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We started with registration and a photobooth and then moved on to some great speakers like Bo Fishback (Zaarly), Joey Aquino (Facilitator) (Make sure to check out his posts on SOSummit here and here!), Wendy Overton (Baton Rouge), Ahmed Faidy (Egypt), Eric Koester (Zaarly), Kristjan Kristjansson (Iceland), Maja Adrianensen (Eastern Europe), Kyle Kesterson (Seattle), Marc Nager, Franck Nouyrigat, and Andrew Hyde (Founder, Startup Weekend).

There were also some great workshops covering topics like targeting specific attendee types, organizing a successful vertical-specific event, organizer succession/knowledge transfer, mentor management, using social media to sell out events, and what makes a good event organizing team. Thanks to all those who hosted these great workshops!

The important theme that came out of SOSummit was that Startup Weekend is about changing lives and giving people the confidence to change what they were doing before. Yes, it’s a competition, but that is secondary. Andrew and Eric highlighted cases in their talks about teams from SW that utterly failed, but whose members have gone on to do great things. This is what we’re the most excited about and we have all our amazing organizers to thank for making these events possible; you are out there changing lives and it’s incredible!

startup weekend, sosummit, sxsw
The day summed up with some great talks and as reminders for those that were there or more information if you weren’t, here are a couple links we think are important to check out. Franck mentioned a TED talk he recommends on vulnerabilities and there is also a great look at the waves of innovation and how they are moving ever closer together. We live in an exciting time and you all are right at the heart of it!
We sincerely thank you all and are so excited to keep working with you on more great events and of course, see you at the next epic SOSummit in 2013!
Mitchell Cuevas
(@mcuevasm) I am the Sr. Marketing Director here at Techstars, am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and am obsessed with finding, playing with, and implementing all the best new marketing (and other) technology I can get my hands on.