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Bloomington, IND.— SproutBox is pleased to join Startup Weekend (SUW), a national set of two-day events for software developers and entrepreneurs in cities around the world, as its first venture capital national sponsor. The partnership provides support to create successful, sustainable startups and to close the gap in the funding ecosystem for software companies.
Startup Weekend believes that the partnership provides a point of contact for startups to develop into sustainable companies.
“The major benefits are taking teams further and supporting more teams than we can do ourselves. It’s a meeting of the minds and a gathering of passionate people that are willing to work together. For us, SproutBox clearly wants to be part of that ecosystem and that’s awesome,” said Nelsen.
SproutBox will speak at many of the SUW events, and one SUW startup per quarter will be guaranteed a spot to present for the SproutBox selection committee for consideration as a SproutBox portfolio company, or “sprout.”
Brad Wisler, managing member and one of the three SproutBox founders, sees the partnership as a great alliance for both companies to achieve a common goal.
“Startup Weekend and SproutBox serve the same audience; tech-savvy entrepreneurs looking to make ideas into fully-developed, successful businesses. Joining forces is a great opportunity to give these entrepreneurs the chance to make their ideas successful products,” said Wisler.
Clint also believes that this goal is what makes SproutBox a great fit as a national sponsor.
“There is a massive amount of inefficiency when matching up co-founders with each other and taking ideas from “great idea” to “great execution.” Working with Sproutbox allows us to plug talented teams in with more support to keep working and executing on their idea,” said Nelsen.
All SUW teams will receive a fully-featured, six month, CheddarGetter account, a subscription system for easy, flexible billing, free of charge. Participants will also receive six months of Squad Edit, a web-based, real-time, collaborative code editor to help them through the development process.
About SproutBox
SproutBox is venture capital firm in Bloomington IN equipped with a team of business developers, creatives and business experts who invest their talent and capital in startup companies with a high growth potential. SproutBox gives entrepreneurs the team, tools and resources needed to successfully launch a sustainable company in a three-month period.
Information about SproutBox can be found at: http://www.SproutBox.com