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1. What is the nature of your work? How long have you worked in Squamish? What made you come here?

I am a life coach. Coaching is about acknowledging the gap between where you are in your life and where you want to be. The nature of my work is inviting women into the adventure of their life and being their trusty sidekick! Seriously. I love my job! I inspire women to wake up, love themselves, reclaim their freedom and create the impact they long to have in their world.

My partner and I moved to Squamish in December 2014. We fell in love with this beautiful little town nestled in the mountains. We grew tired of the being stuck in the “city bubble” and decided to reconnect with our love of nature. I was working to Vancouver at the time and they said I could work from home 2 days a week so we just did it! Basically, we just knew in our hearts Squamish is where we belong so we took a step toward the life we dreamed of and moved here.


2. Where do you normally work? Is it in a local office? A local restaurant? Coffee shop? Trailhead?

I work all over. Primarily, I work in my home since most of my work is done on the phone. It’s tough because I have this fabulous view of the Chief. No really, the Chief is my inspiration. I also sometimes work in Vancouver, at the park and anywhere my clients want to meet me. I’m also hoping to work at Start Up Squamish more often in the fall to continue meeting more like minded folks here in town.


3. What do you find inspiring about Squamish?

Ummm… Everything? I am inspired by the strong sense of community here, by being surrounded by active, healthy people who love the outdoors! I am inspired by the spectacular views. I am inspired by the turquoise Howe Sound waters, and also by the entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep. Squamish is my happy place!!

 4. How has Squamish been good for your business?

I’ve already met some really great people here (David Crewson) who want to see people they come into contact with succeed. There is something about connecting with others and how we can all work together to see our respective businesses succeed. Another benefit is using this spectacular back drop as inspiration in my phone coaching sessions. People really love mountains!! I am sure being in Squamish will benefit my business in ways I don’t know yet too. There’s so much potential here.


5. What inspires you in your work?

Love is my main source of inspiration in my work. Love of the Chief, the outdoors, adventure, fun, community, connection. My business vision is “Creating a world where we all nurture our humanity.” The very root of nurturing humanity has to do with love. Self-love. Love for others. Even love for strangers. Who doesn’t love LOVE? Right?! Love is what keeps me working hard. Love makes a difference in people’s lives. It may only be small but when you know you’re loved…you can achieve anything.


6. What is your best advice for a budding entrepreneur?

Since I am a budding entrepreneur, I’d say BELIEVE in the beauty of your vision. Reach out. Ask for help. People want to help! So talk to as many people (Start Up Squamish especially!!) as you can. Don’t isolate yourself. Get involved. Hmmm I might take more of that advice myself come fall! !

Robin Miller