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1. What is the nature of your work? How long have you worked in Squamish? What made you come here?

I’m an independent consultant to athletes and nutrition coaching. I organize performance high end training camps. Going on 5 months… since I made the commitment to call Squamish home. I was chasing a romance up here, silly as that was….but that switched off so to say, and  it allowed me to discover all that Squamish offers…

2. Where do you normally work? Is it in a local office? A local restaurant? Coffee shop? Trailhead?

I make it a habit to visit all the barista’s around Squamish.

Zack at Cloudburst is incredible. Tunisia at Galileo is very legit. The girls at Zeph, and of course the near perfect situation of the top of the gondola.

Maggs 99 is the new favorite. Best Taco’s outside of California, good clean wifi and such a perfectly tacky southwest style decor. makes me feel at home.


3. What do you find inspiring about Squamish?

The geographical features are to me the most inspiring…to have all these resources meters from each other- white water, single track, glacier, Kite, climbing, serious mountaineering and MORE singletrack


4. How has Squamish been good for your business?

The whole Sea to Sky has been incredible. It’s the right amount of progressive attitude,  smart, and clever trends are all arouund.


5. What inspires you in your work? 

To wake up and breath and be free, is to be inspired to make people better versions of themselves


6. What is your best advice for a budding entrepreneur?

Never work with Family, relatives or friend…its tough enough as it is!

Robin Miller