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Startup Weekend Detroit ended 3 months ago (May 14-16, 2010), but startup firms and companies are still coming out of the event. One of them is SiteFog, founded by Kyle Mulka.

SiteFog is a web company that offers cloud computing at a more affordable price. Three issues became a starting point for SiteFog:

1. There is a market for cloud processing.
2. Distributed computing systems work.
3. Millions of people use the web.

Gathering all these points, Kyle and his team knew that bigger CPU tasks can be broken down into smaller processes. By doing this, the tasks can be disseminated to different users and be done in a jiffy. Just by entering into a website, you can utilize your CPU’s capacity to the max, and help “solve amazingly difficult programs.”

SiteFog can also help you monetize your products and the users that go in and out of your website. Website owners who depend on advertisements for profit can profit greatly from this kind of monetizing.

During the last Startup Weekend Detroit, SiteFog was voted the “Company Most Likely to Make $1 Million.” Looks like the Startup Weekend crystal ball is right, and SiteFog is definitely on its way to the top. SiteFog also gave the locals a presentation of its firm through the A2NewTech meetup, so you’ll definitely be hearing their name all around the state soon enough.