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Startup Labs is a new global early stage fund. With a presence in more than 67 countries and a community of entrepreneurs from all over the planet, we’re aiming to create the world’s most global fund.  We’re working hard to match our startups with investors and mentors and introduce them to new consumer markets.

What is Startup Labs?

Startup Labs is the next step for Startup Weekend teams that are planning to continue their project. It provides rapid mentor support and capital to early stage tech startups, helping them get as much traction as quickly as possible. We also work with teams that did not attend a Startup Weekend.  Our goal is to help early stage startups succeed.

Who is Startup Labs?

The Startup Labs community consists of passionate developers, designers and entrepreneurs with ideas for new ventures that ultimately all deal in the tech space.  Startup Labs works hands on with Startup Weekend teams, providing seed investment, as well as mentorship and access to strategic partners to launch new ventures quickly. Startup Weekend is focused on educating entrepreneurs, Startup Labs is solely focused on creating successful tech companies. The Startup Labs team is Clint Nelsen, Arkady Moreynis and Tugce Ergul.

Who should apply to Startup Labs?

Startup Labs’ primary focus is helping Startup Weekend teams take their startups to the next level.  Teams can apply as soon a Startup Weekend event is over on Sunday night. We also accept applications from early stage non-SW startups.

How do I get started?

To get started, teams should to go to check out our website and follow the links under  “Get Started”.  We kept it simple!

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