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It has been around for a while and most people in the Startup Life probably know about it: 3D printing. This phenomenon was first only used by big companies. Nowadays 3D printing has been delivered to the masses and it is starting to get a bit more affordable by the day.

Although people still might say: ‘Why would I want to buy a big bulky 3D printer?’ or ‘I might have one or two ideas to print, but it’s a waste of money only for that’. Well, someone who might say that it’s a big bulky machine doesn’t really get the sexiness behind this machine. Some of the 3D printers are esthetically quite beautiful; others are a bit more industrial. Big chance that the more industrial looking printers are home made. Fun fact is that some 3D printers are 3D printed. A bit too inception for you?

To understandand see these lovely printers in action the startup 3Dhubs has been set up and they are also here in Groningen. Since launching in August 2013, the Amsterdam-headquartered startup claims to have become the world’s largest and fastest growing network of3D printers, with over 7,000 print locations in 140 different countries. It also claims that 30,000 prints have been done over its service in the last year and that its network now allows over a billion people to access a 3D printer within 10 kilometers of their home. 

On their website they announce get-together’s once in a while. Next to that you can find people who own a 3D printer and you can ask them to print something for you! You can see per person how much they charge, what their delivery time is, what colors they can print in and the recommendations they received. This is an awesome startup to solve the problem for people who do have an idea but don’t want to buy a 3D printer for themselves.

Latest news is that 3Dhubs raised 4.5 million dollars in Series Afunding in order to make their local service global!

Check out their website, Facebook and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates. 

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Authored by Stephanie van der A

Nick Stevens