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We’re sure that November is going to be a good month for all startuppers out there, because Startup Open is coming.

Needless to say, Startup Open is a wonderful opportunity for all startup businesses. The event will give tons of extra publicity, not just with the crowd, but also the press and media who will be covering the event. Of course, there’s always the huge possibility of exponential growth in your clients and customers.

Startup Open is a competition event during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). What will happen is that companies who are seen to have entrepreneurship potential, or what they’d like to call a “startup moment,” can be nominated as one of the “50 most promising companies” in GEW. And out of those 50 companies, 5 will be selected as startup winners. And what is a Startup Open competition without the grand prize? The 5 startup winners will get awarded with prizes that will help them the business grow, including the experience of being in a high-growth boot camp at Kauffman Labs in Kansas City.

And for all the startup business hard work, Startup Open is throwing another prize to those five startup winners: a one-day vacation trip to the Necker Island! The Necker Island is a privately-owned island in the Virgin Islands owned by the infamous Sir Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin-branded conglomerate. So expect to be treated like royalty, with exclusive and luxurious access to the island, and of course, total privacy. No wonder the late Princess Diana vacationed here, too.

Your one-day vacation also doubles as a chance to connect with other top entrepreneurs who won the Startup Open contest. Register here if you have what it takes.