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Here are the teams formed and what they are building during this weekend at the Third Startup Weekend Alexandria:

Startup Weekend Alexandria III

1- ReviewCloud:
ReviewCloud is a new review system that will have new and different features, it will support a good view of the people reviews about the products to help any new customer to get a good feedback, and in the first time ReviewCloud will link the Company and the Customer to each other in the same system, Company also will get a good review about its product, So it will can depend on this review to enhance its product. So we solved several problems, user and company can get a good feedback about its product, company will enhance its products, So Company will decrease its loses, Customer will be more satisfied.

2- CC For Rent “CPU Cycles For Rent”:
Rend your idle Home PC for Job Owners who wish to distribute their jobs, and are welling to pay money for it.

3- WannaIt:
Wanna It, isn’t just an application, it is a reminder, alarm and a tool at the same time. It enables you to track your own stuff while your daily journey.

4- Ha7mieky:
Our Idea is against Harassment, we introduce complete system consists of two web and mobile applications and volunteers. Based on alerts coming from mobile and web applications we can form a graph and then focus on more needy regions. Our applications also helping on find the safe paths and get help on how to handle any Harassment.

5- Super Winny:
An application helps in reforming body shapes, keeping fit, & healthy in a fun way that respecting full privacy of user’s data.

6- Perfect Gift:
Create wish list a share it with your friends on social networks and always get the perfect gift.

7- Do.Care:
A new version of social security. home healthcare smart sensors help keep our seniors living in place.

8- Air Stick:
Air stick is a start up that aims to replace the flash drive with the extra storage you carry around in your mobile device. The importance of this new technology to save you from the risk of loosing data by loosing your portable flash drive which is something we’re all significantly exposed to. The air stick works as a storage portal that allows the transfer of the selected data from your pc to your mobile device securing the data in a device you constantly carry around.

9- Super Fozdoq:
An Arabic Edutainment I pad Game, the Character of Fozdoq “Pistachio” is a Bright Genius Flash Drive Memory that takes you in a super journey back in time to 1999 when the Flash Drive was created and his struggle to come back to the Future Through a great amazing levels with his worst enemies the Virus who is always trying to stop him all the time from reaching his goal and collect his powerful floppy disk super points!

10- E5tarly Ka3a:
Where you can reserve your wedding hall based on your needs and budget all in one place without going around looking for something that suits you.

11- CoMarketer:
Co Marketer is a large community of fast reached Marketers, We do offer the best Marketing talents in market research, Marketing Intelligence an Innovation.

12- Ostta:
Ostta.com is craftsman service directory. It contains data of all craftsman and workers in many different categories like (Carpenter, Plumber, Cooker, Mechanical, … etc). Customer can enter the application through web or mobile. Customer can search, Check In worker, Suggest to a friend, Share through Social Network. Also, Customer can Rate, Add Feedback, Add Worker.

13- Nasher:
We realized the need for so many talented writers in different fields to publish their articles and to become popular influential writers.on the other hand, we realize the urgent need for news papers, magazine, websites, and publishing houses to find unique articles writes in so many Fields there for we came with the nasher service. Nasher is platform website and mobile application which will connect talented article writers with news paper, magazine , website, and publishing houses.

14- FreshFun:
A team to create a social kids environment suitable for kids to keep them entertained and provide a good services for parents to monitor their kids interests.

15- 7asebMa6ab:
Our application discover ma6abat (dumps) from the roads which are a very big problem in Egypt, save your car and stay safe with 7asebMa6ab.

16- Esh7en:
online courier to delivery cargoes and Purchases from your ESH7EN account you can get full idea about your cargo cost and customs duty and you can manage your shipments instructions ,history , payments , orders all that from one account.

17- Consulto:
It’s a web site provides a health services based on previous patients records.

18- Social School:
A social network that seeks make education more attractive and effective. We connect students, teachers and parents together and provide a unique online learning experience. We provide a platform for students to communicate with their teachers and seek help. This process is monitored by parents and the included schools.

Hashem Zahran