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This article is written by Helen Tien, Co-Founder+Marketing Director of Play Without Boundaries. 

Families living under the same roof is ancient times. We now have traveling parents, military family members and far away relatives who are craving playtime with their kiddos.

On the other end, current video chat solutions are made for adults. Playing is more than just fun. It’s the way that kids connect with the loved ones in their lives. The less we play, the farther apart our families grow. No matter how fast or clear the video chat program is-It wasn’t design for family-It wasn’t designed for play.

The solution is a software platform that integrates video chat technologies and play. We have built a video chat platform that is easy to use for children and adults of all ages, downloadable from the app store or our web server. Our games are built with the family dynamic in mind. Not only do they have to be fun for both parties, it has to build conversation in a natural way. Education is something Kinskii focuses on as well, with a learning opportunity in every game whether it’s numbers, colors or famous landmarks. Imagine the learning possibilities if each child can connect and engage with every member of their family


Kinskii started from Startup Weekend EDU (Dallas) back in November, 2014 and haven’t stopped since. Our founder Jim Welch, came with the idea after traveling often of his career as a game developer and finding his family relationship distant with his three year old son. The team started with Jim Welch as head of technology and Helen Tien as head of marketing with Rory Mclaughlin, Karim Jahangir and Andres Mena-Ortiz Gonzalez joining the team. We’ve all stayed together since then and have added Christina Lynch, Gabriel Killian, Rachel Strum and Brian Pippin on to our team. We have a background in everything from game development to education technology but most importantly, we all have a passion and reason for why we want Kinskii to be a reality for our families. For all families.

Here is how you can support our journey and get an early access to our platform!