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Amsterdam, 14 June. Startup Weekend Amsterdam, a leading startup event run by local volunteer organizers, is back with a brand new Future Cities edition. The event bringing together entrepreneurs, creatives, and tech experts to build startups in 54 hours, will be hosted at a co-working space rent24 on the 15-17 of June.


In the course of three days, participants will go through all the stages of establishing a startup. The event will kick off with pitches from volunteer participants on Friday night, when teams will form around the most popular ideas. The rest of the weekend will be spent creating and validating products, formulating business plans, and mastering pitches. By Sunday, teams will be ready to present their results in front of a panel of judges. Prizes include a Growth Hacking Pressure Cooker by Sprints & Sneakers.

Local industry experts, CEOs, founders and serial entrepreneurs will be on site all three days of the event to share their experiences in the always-changing world of tech startups and provide mentorship and support.

The panel of judges will consist of startup veterans from startup accelerator Startupbootcamp, VC Peak Capital, fast-growing scale-up Sustainer Homes and a number of other tech industry leaders. Partners and sponsors of the event include companies like TNW, StartupAmsterdam, rent24, We Are Builders, PeopleHouse, Creative Tim and NEXT Amsterdam.


Future Cities Edition

This year, for the first time, Startup Weekend Amsterdam team decided to come up with a unique topic for the event. “Startup Weekend Amsterdam Future Cities is here to empower the community of aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive impact in the Amsterdam metropolitan area,” said this year’s facilitator Khizar Naeem. “Amongst other ideas, we encourage participants to think of startup ideas that contribute to the improvement of the city and its surroundings.”  

Some of the topics the team gives as an example are integrating new technologies, ways of supporting social interaction, or creating a healthy environment for personal and professional lives. Whilst the team encourages participants to think about creating a positive impact in the city, they still encourage teams to follow ideas they are passionate about.


About Startup Weekend: founded in 2007 in Seattle and brought to Amsterdam in 2011. Since then, every year the organizing team comes back with a fresh concept and another successful event. Some of the startup successes from Amsterdam-based events are:

The success of Startup Weekend Amsterdam is explained by not solely focusing on building startups during the weekend, but inspiring participants to build great teams and learn the entrepreneurial way to solving problems. More information: https://startupweekend.org


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Camille Grotenbreg