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Startup Weekend is pleased to announce a new partnership with Microsoft focusing on Windows 8, made possible through the Microsoft BizSpark program.

Claire Lee from Microsoft outlines what this enhanced partnership means:

Microsoft is a proud partner of Startup Weekend right from the beginning. Startup Weekend was one of the original Network Partners of our Microsoft BizSpark program launched in November 2008, to support startups around the world with software, support and visibility.

In Spring 2012, Startup Weekend became one of select launch partners of BizSpark Plus, enabling high growth startups at leading accelerators avail of $60,000 worth of free Windows Azure services.

Now, we are going bigger and better!

This new partnership provides even more resources for entrepreneurs: teams formed at Startup Weekend can expect more hands-on education and training on the next largest opportunity for designers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Within the next six months, our collaboration means at least 50 major cities worldwide will host Windows 8 ‘bootcamps’. These take place prior to Startup Weekend events. At bootcamps, mentors work closely with designers and developers to give inside access and educate them on Windows 8 technology, with the goal of putting the learning into practice to build products during Startup Weekend.

“With Windows 8, we’re excited to create more opportunities and programs to directly support grassroots entrepreneurs and teams around the world via targeted educational programs, hands on training, exclusive access to new technology, and ongoing support from Microsoft experts. Through its Bizspark program, Microsoft provides comprehensive support for anyone looking to start a business, and now we’re packaging that value together with access to the best Microsoft evangelist teams globally, for Startup Weekend teams to take advantage of, and build on.”
– Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend

“Windows 8 is a reimagining of Windows from the chipset to the Start screen and was created with entrepreneurs in mind. We want to give startups around the world the opportunity to create long lasting businesses on Windows 8 and we see a natural fit working with Startup Weekend to do that. We look forward to seeing new app ideas coming to market and introduced by Startup Weekend teams.”
– John Richards, Senior Director, Windows Division, Microsoft Corporation

Of course, as a global partner, you’ll see Microsoft at 500+ Startup Weekends around the world, in the coming months. Now, you’ll also have the chance to meet Windows 8 at 50 of these events.