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Startup Weekend is excited to announce it’s newest technology sponsor: Amazon Web Services.

Our sponsorship from AWS ensures that all Startup Weekend participants can use AWS products and services during the weekend as they start to create and develop their business idea.

Every Startup Weekend participant will receive $US100 in AWS credits that can be applied to an existing AWS account. These credits can be used for a variety of AWS products such as Compute (Amazon EC2), Storage (Amazon S3) and Database (Amazon DynamoDB), and are valid for 12 months from the date of the sign up.

Built upon the same world-class technology that powers Amazon.com, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides start-ups and businesses with a secure, reliable, easy-to-scale, low-cost computing platform “in the cloud.” Companies of all sizes use AWS to build applications, store data, manage business processes, and more.

Companies including Rover.com, Zaarly and Look.io were built on AWS during Startup Weekend. Sign up for an AWS account at https://aws.amazon.com. ·The signup process requires a credit card which will not be charged until usage exceeds the credit amount. To help new AWS customers get started in the cloud, AWS also offers a free usage tier. The free tier can be used for anything you want to run in the cloud: launch new applications, test existing applications in the cloud, or simply gain hands-on experience with AWS. Sign up for the free tier at: https://aws.amazon.com/free/.

We are very excited about this new partnership. To find out more about AWS and Startup Weekend, please visit: http://aws.amazon.com/start-ups/startupweekend.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and offerings for developers by following the AWS team on Twitter: @awssstartups.