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Startup Weekend is definitely making huge waves in the tech scene ever since it began trotting all over the world. Now, we can definitely say we have the techie cred: because of a startup company developed in SW Paris, another startup named Bumped.in was launched.

In 2009, a group of innovative people realized how many opportunities travelers and commuters pass up on getting to know familiar strangers they often see during subway rides. So, they teamed up and founded a startup called SubMate, short for Subway Mate.

You only need to put your traveling data, such as your regular trips to and from where you hang out, where your home and office street is, etc. SubMate matches your data with other people who have the same route, and even the same interests as you do. Not only will anyone connect with everyone they want to, they will also get updated on upcoming events in around the area.

The SubMate startup worked so well that just recently, another similar startup sprouted up in the States: Bumped.in. Bumped.in was also founded in 2009, only in a later period. It was noticeably very similar to how SubMate works, the only difference is that Bumped.in is niche-ing towards people who take the same rides together, specifically in trains and airplanes, where people can chat with each other for a long period of time.

Kiran Patel, the founder of Bumped.in, started the online community because he himself wanted to connect with people he always sees whenever he commutes. Like the startup team at SubMate, Patel is also working on an iPhone app that can make the online system more mobile.

The founding of Bumped.in after SubMate is just one of the many examples how Startup Weekend is always one step ahead of the global tech and startup scene, even paving the way for other amazing startups to follow. Check out more of our recent and upcoming events all over the world. Who knows, you just might get some inspiration for your very own startup.