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Startup Weekend Austin is nearing its opening event on September 10. Folks at Austin are pulling out all the stops for all innovators who’re willing to join. And to add more good news on top of that, it’s a joy to know that one heck of a lawyer will be there to give his piece.

Meet Ryan Roberts. Ryan is a fellow entrepreneur himself who started out his career from the ground up. He represents tech companies from its beginning stages all the way to the end. From incorporation, seed and venture financing, and exit transactions, Ryan has been supporting startup companies and seeing them through until the end.

In 2009, Ryan has represented about a hundred clients and 85 percent of those clients are tech startups that develop software, hardware, mobile, and digital media, to name a few. Some clients are also developers of apps for famous sites and mobile or online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, and Android.

Ryan is also a family man who likes watching USC football, and wouldn’t survive a day off without Starbuck’s’ green tea. His resolution this year is to get a good tan by playing more golf.

Given his rocket career and his quirky personal background, Ryan Roberts will fit right in as the Friday speaker on SW Austin. Remember, the event will be at CoSpace at 911 West Anderson Lane, and don’t be late, or you’ll miss the idea pitching. Tickets are still available, but you need to grab one for yourself or you’ll miss out on a lot of fun. See y’all at Austin very soon!