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It’s already been three weeks since Startup Weekend Bay Area at Kicklabs wrapped up and there were a lot of interesting startup pitches. And if you’re wondering whatever happened to those Startup Teams, then we’ll be glad to let you know that one of the startup teams from SW Bay Area just launched their new iPhone app: Mayor War.

Mayor War is a fun social game app where you have to defend your home base, and attack other mayors’ home bases, for fun and victory. You can become the mayor of a location by visiting that place most often in Foursquare. And if you can check in daily, you can even become mayor of multiple locations, giving you the perfect advantage to win the war. Even if you don’t have a mayorship, you can still play so it’s good fun for everyone.

With Mayor War, you can choose your own weapons, receive gold as a reward when you win battles, and even level up to make the game more challenging and exciting.

The guys behind the Mayor War have definitely tweaked this fun game to excellence, what with working on it for almost four months before launching it. Their hard work has definitely paid off. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, all you have to do is buy the app off from the App Store and you’ll be playing in minutes. For those of you who have an Android smartphone, you might have to wait a little while before the Android version of the app comes out. Check out Mayor War and be the king of your own world through your mobile phones!