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Bellingham, WA welcomed Startup Weekend with an ambitious crowd of 38 startuppers!  A huge congrats goes out to everyone involved in making this event possible.  Read on to find all the details and a quick recap!

A recap from lead organizer and facilitator, John Sechrest:

“The first Startup Weekend in Bellingham was a fabulous event. With the wonderful view of the bay, the great ongoing food, and the exceptional coffee service from Onyx Coffee Bar made the event a joy. As an initial event, it had three teams that were able to make it to some kind of revenue. Each of the teams learned huge amounts. Some team members were grinning ear to ear for the whole weekend.  The winning team, Book Promoter Pro, has a significant opportunity to help authors promote their books on Amazon. All the teams had a key piece of an opportunity. One of the keys for Book Promoter Pro, was the deep connection to a customer base and a tightly focused product. Other teams had a challenge focusing the marketing/customer development down and were each working to refine a tighter more focused customer base. Startup Weekend Bellingham was a pleasure all around. The weekend was made possible by Western Washington University, Big Idea Lab and the NW Innovation Resource Center. We had great support from Onyx Coffee Bar – beyond the call of duty.We had help from  WECU, Fibercloud, Costco, Haggens,Fairhaven Pizza and the Bagelry. Without this community support it would have been an entirely different event. The strong after-party suggests an interest in another Startup Weekend.”

Organizers: John Sechrest, Sarah Garrison, Manis Pierre, Dan Purdy, Bonnie Perez

Facilitator: John Sechrest

Speakers: Bob Crimmins, Ed Love, Dorai Thodla, Andrew Dumont, Adrian Pike


  • Book Promoter Pro:
    • A site to support the Amazon Engine Optimization to help authors of books on Amazon increase visibility and sales
    • @bookpromoterpro
  • Assign My Tasks:
    • The perfect todo list supporting task delegation and task sharing.
    • @assignmytasks
  • Wonderful Points:
    • A Good Will Gifting site, to share positive reviews and experiences
    • @wonderfulpoints
  • B2B Dash:
    • A Business to Business support to help businesses exchange orders and invoices more effeciently. ERP meets small business
    • @b2bdash
  • Egonomic Interface: –
    • A Blue Tooth SMS + Big Fingers in gloves kit
    • @nafkkit

Press: Bellingham Herald, BBJ Today, OnlineFast.org, Western Washington University