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Startup Weekend makes a stop over at the Midwest to bring them the startup event of the year. This coming September 10 until the 12th, Startup Weekend Austin is now pushing through after quite a few delays. And to make the waiting and the delays more worthwhile, Startup Weekend has another surprise in store for the aspiring startup entrepreneurs. Hint: midVenturesLAUNCH.

Believe it or not, midVenturesLAUNCH is partnering with Startup Weekend Austin. midVenturesLAUNCH is the largest startup conference in the Midwest, and the winning team will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive invitation to the event on September 27 to 28 in Chicago.

The winning team at SW Austin can pick to join the COMPETE track, or the mVDEMO track at the midVenturesLAUNCH. The COMPETE track allows startup businesses to compete with one another and win cash and other prizes worth more than 100K. While the mVDEMO gives startup businesses the chance to increase their exposure and establish their name throughout the Midwest. midVenturesLAUNCH has another track called LAUNCH, where established startup businesses can launch and present their new products and services to a huge population of potential clients.

If you’re looking forward to SW Austin, why not set the goal higher and aim to be the winning team? midVenturesLAUNCH will be the perfect opportunity to really set your startup business out. You still have two to three weeks to tweak your ideas for this coming Startup Weekend, so get going and fine-tune everything. See you on September in Austin!