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As part of the phenomenon that is Startup Weekend, Rhode Island will play host to the upcoming Startup Weekend New England.

Startup Weekend New England will be open to all local folks and everyone else who is brave enough to join in on the weekend. The event was set up by Cary Collins from Bryant University, along with Global Entrepreneurship Program leaders Michelle deSalvo and Laura Kopek. Cary also pulled in the university’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization to complete his ragtag team and help set up the Startup Weekend event.

To make it more phenomenal than ever, Startup Weekend New England has enlisted 6 universities to participate in the event. Many, if not most, Startup Weekend events are hugely populated by young professionals, although college students are most welcome to join. This particular event will hopefully bring in more students who are eager to start making their mark in the tech community. The goal is to have a 50:50 ratio of students and professionals, just the right mixture for everybody to learn from each other.

The dates to remember are from October 15 to 17, and Bryant University will be the venue for the Startup Weekend New England. The university will provide a sponsored “Start-up Bus” to fetch and drive students, food, WiFi, and probably lodging too – but you need to bring your sleeping bags because you’ll be roughing it out, complete with outdoor tents pitched on the grass. Watch out for when tickets go on sale, and don’t miss out on this opportunity. See you soon in Rhode Island!

Via:  r121