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Startup Weekend’s Marc Nager is featured in the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2011. The Thoughtbook is filled of multiple story-telling essays written by associates of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Influential leaders that work towards advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success are also featured in the Thoughtbook, including the Vice President of the Kauffman Foundation and President of the Kauffman Labs Bo Fishback, Vice President of Education of the Kauffman Foundation Munro Richardson, and US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.


This year’s Thoughtbook has one theme in mind: growth. Selections from the Kauffman Thoughtbook include essays about growing companies through education in the essay Creating a New Future through Education, starting up businesses in Kauffman Labs: Building the Next Generation of High-Growth Companies and Stirring up the Startup World, and cultivating growth in innovation in Fostering the Conditions to Reinvigorate Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the United States.


The Kauffman Thoughtbook 2011 is the fifth in the ongoing series, one produced every two years. It captures what the Kauffman Foundation and community is thinking, learning, and discovering about how education, entrepreneurship, and innovation drive growth and progress. The essays reflect the aspirations and accomplishments of the Kauffman approach to think and turn creative insights into practical solutions.


Selections from the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2011 are available on the Kauffman website including the essay by Startup Weekend’s Marc Nager. Follow the link for the full essay: Stirring up the Startup World.