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Chandler, AZ  hosted its first Startup Weekend at Gangplank.  As a collaborative workspace connecting individuals in order to create a sustainable community of trust and innovation, Gangplank provided a perfect environment to foster the Startup Weekend spirit.  Of the 91 participants, 14 teams formed, and of these teams, all 14 elected to participate in Gangplank’s Roadmap to Launch program, incubating their companies for the next 60 days.  Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding event, and good luck to all teams as they continue the journey!

A recap from lead organizer, Katie Charland:

“I couldn’t ask for a better event. Due to the number of pre-events we hosted, there was a strong feeling of community right at the beginning of the weekend. Groups were always socializing and helping each other. In many ways, we were one giant company with 14 individual products. It was overwhelming as an organizer to see a completely new community being built out of nothing. Startup Weekends in Arizona in the past have tended to draw upon the same crowd, so going into the weekend not knowing a single face was a big surprise for me. This just proves that Arizona has a lot to offer on the startup front and shouldn’t be counted out. Now the real work begins, as teams continue on the Roadmap to Launch, a 60-day program we specially designed for Startup Weekend attendee’s. We hope to have the majority of these companies pitching nationally at the end of August.”

Organizers: Katie Charland, Jonathon Kressaty

Facilitator: Chris Campbell

Speakers: Kathy Sacks (infusionsoft.com), Angelo Coppola (axosoft.com), Steve Swedler (simpleseating.com), Authority Labs (authoritylabs.com), Derek Neighbors and Jade Meskill (integrumtech.com)

Teams: As all teams decided to take part in Gangplank’s incubation program, no competition was held.  Find a full list of teams at http://chandler.startupweekend.org.