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Because the people over at Cleveland, Ohio just can’t wait to meet with fellow start-uppers, Startup Weekend Cleveland will be hosting a kick-off merrymaking event on August 24, open to anyone and everyone who’s interested. And if you don’t want to come alone, you can bring all your friends with you.

The venue will be at Wonder Bar, over at E 4th Street, starting at six in the evening. This kick-off party will set the exciting mood for the upcoming Startup Weekend event on November. Yes, it’s still August, but the next thing you know, school will start, and in comes November. Be in the loop about the previous Startup Weekend companies, and what they have been up to since the event in 2009. Who knows, you can even get some advice from the graduates.

And of course, you can also meet up with lots of cool people you can soon team up with on November 2010. And to make everyone feel more relaxed and casual, complimentary appetizers and a large bar is open to everyone. Still need another reason to go to the kick-off party? Here’s one: discounted tickets for the Startup Weekend Cleveland 2010 will be sold there. So be an early bird and grab a discounted ticket now before you get nothing. Happy hour begins at 5:30. See you there!